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The Ultimate Tokyo Bucket List

Air Travel

Tokyo is one of the most popular cities in the Asia Pacific. It has unique museums, elegant skyscrapers, and a vibrant culture, making it an ideal destination for tourists. If you’ve never traveled to this part of the world, you might be overwhelmed by the places and attractions you should visit. Having an itinerary can help you make the most out of your trip. You will have the specifics of how your trip will be.

Getting into Tokyo is yet another essential part. Cathay Pacific offers flight connections from various parts of the world to Tokyo. You can easily take your flight from Manila to Tokyo with the premier airline company.

Top Attractions and Activities in Tokyo

To help you avoid sifting through the web to find the places to visit in Tokyo, here’s a list of the most incredible attractions you should visit.

Shibuya Crossing

The Shibuya Crossing has become a very iconic spot in Tokyo; it has gotten plenty of media coverage; hence, boosting its popularity. The place is very quintessential to the Tokyo urban lifestyle, characterized by tall skyscrapers and a heavy city population. The crossing point is one of the most photographed spots in the city, with both ground and aerial views offering breathtaking shots. The Shibuya crossing hasn’t gained its reputation for no reason; each day, approximately half a million people use the spots as they locomote to various parts of the city.

Additionally, young people largely constitute the population of Shibuya; thus, it is considered a trendy district. You can easily find various amenities that include shopping malls, clubs, cafes, boutiques, etc.


Eat Wagyu Beef

If tasting the local cuisine is something that excites you, then you will enjoy Wagyu beef. Apart from the widely popular Tempura and Sushi, the Wagyu beef is also a meal that you shouldn’t fail to try. The country produces a variety of Wagyu beef such as Matsuzaka beef and Kobe beef.

Tokyo has plenty of restaurants that serve wagyu dishes; you can enjoy the meal in various ways including Shabu-Shabu, Yakiniku barbecue, Teppanyaki, or Steak. If you’re interested in eating Wagyu, be sure to visit the popular family-owned restaurant known as Hakushu, situated in the Shibuya district.

Fashion Hunt

Besides the plethora of attractions found in Tokyo, something that has also attracted countless tourists is the Japanese fashion industry. Harajuku is a place known for being the epicenter of Kawaii culture. There are plenty of boutiques and shopping malls that sell the latest trends in fashion. You’ll find colorful fashion items that promise to enhance your look. Given the sheer number of tourists that visit this area, numerous fashion brands have established their shops in malls and shopping centers. The place also has various eating joints that provide the perfect spots to relax and recharge while enjoying tasty meals.

Ueno Park

Ueno Park is an area that is near Asakusa, which is the old downtown in Tokyo. It’s an area that is perfect for playing, sightseeing, or relaxing. The area has a rich nature, a zoo, historical monuments, and museums. If you time your travel correctly, you can have a chance to visit the area when it’s the cherry blossom season. Ameyoko Street is also close to the park; it is yet another place that has a vibrant atmosphere. The street food stalls and gift stores are responsible for giving the area its lively demeanor. Ueno Park is also an area that provides impeccable backgrounds if you are someone who loves photography.

Final Thoughts in Tokyo

Tokyo is a travel destination that is cherished by many people. It is a city that has a long list of fun activities you can engage yourself in while vacationing. Although the places and activities mentioned above are a few, they promise to keep you happy and entertained. Feel free to include any of the areas mentioned above in your next visit to Tokyo.