African Drum Village

The first and only drum festival in Scotland


We hope to answer your feedback and help explain costs and other questions.


Food, Catering


Toilets and Showers

Mobile phones / Signal / Charging


Do I need my own instrument?



  1. What will ticket prices be for 2015

    We have thought long and hard over prices. 

    The majority of feedback stated that people would rather it cost slightly more to keep the numbers lower in order to get better quality of instruction and maintain the wonderful community feel ADV has.

    To afford the number and quality of workshops and keep the numbers low we will have to increase the cost a fraction.

    Prices are as follows:


    Or 4 x Instalments of £50

    Child prices

    We have not altered child prices to make it cheaper for those with large families

    Under 5 free

    Over 5 under 16 years £50

  2. What do I get for my hard earned cash?

    There are approximately 20 workshops each day. You do not need to book workshops in advance. Workshops are for mixed abilities in all instrumentation.

    Every evening there are live performances.

    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be included in the price!

    Tea, Coffee and squash are provided free of charge

    *Bedding is provided if you choose bunk accommodation


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  1. What time and when can I arrive at ADV?

    You can only arrive after 2pm on Thursday 6th August 

    No admission before this time is permitted 

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Camping and Arrival

  1. What size tent can I bring and when can I arrive?

    We advise you bring a tent suitable for our Scottish weather. A good ground sheet is required.

  2. Can I use my Camper van

    You can book your camper van space. 

    You will be charged an extra 50 pounds supplement if you use your campervan sleep in a dorm 

  3. Do I pay extra for camping

    Camping is part of the total cost of £200

    your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is also provided

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Food, Catering

  1. Is there a shop on site or near by?

    There is a Spar shop in Meigle village close by.

    A coffee shop and Pub are also in the village of Meigle

  2. Is there a Cafe`

    Tea, Coffee and squash will be available free all day!

    Food is provided at set meal times. you will be notified of times on arrival

    A cafe is in Miegle village

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  1. Do I need to book workshops?

    No, You do not need to book workshops in advance. you just arrive in time at the venue. Sometimes it is advisable to bring along your own seat.

  2. What if I'm new to a particular workshop. Will I be able to go to workshops?

    Yes. There are workshops for mixed abilities in all instrumentation.

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  1. What is there for my kids to do?

    All children are welcome to join in the workshops.

    The woods are open for all to use. Children can make dens and explore!

    We encourage festival children to mix with others and get back to the olden days of children playing freely in the wonderful surrounds.

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Toilets and Showers

  1. Tell me about your loos and showers

    There are plenty of showers and loos through out the centre and in all dorms 


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Mobile phones / Signal / Charging

  1. Will I be able to charge my mobile or laptop?


  2. What is the mobile signal like?

    The signal seems to be ok for most networks

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  1. Can I get Wifi

    There is a limited Wifi signal near the main hall

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Do I need my own instrument?

  1. Will I need my own instrument for workshops

    Ideally yes, there will be a few djembe drums for hire £2 per session 

    Other instruments on loan will be from individuals who may offer the use of their personal instrument. Or provided by the teacher. Please you check that you are permited to use an instrument if you are not sure.

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  1. Will there be a bar on site

    Yes, there will be a small bar open for a limited time and selling a limited range of drink. Eg Wine, Beers, Cider, fizzy drinks.

    Bring your own spirits and drink if you wish. 

    If you would like a bottle of wine for your evening meal you can order it before hand

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